An Interlude – Broadway Coronavirus Medley!

It’s time for an interlude!

Thank you Zach!

Zach Timson: Since Broadway is closed down due to COVID-19, I’d figure I’d bring a little Broadway to you….about COVID-19, of course! Thank you for watching! Be sure to follow my other social media platforms!
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Twitter: @zach_timson
Facebook: Zach Timson

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B. Wilson
4 months ago

Wonderful!! Thanks so much, I will be spreading oops I mean sending this to all my friends!!

Denny Hare
4 months ago

OUTSTANDING!! Wonderfully done, VERY funny and JUST what we needed as we lost our Denver plays this year.

4 months ago

Thank you. It’s great!!

4 months ago

There was a lot of production value in Zach’s video. Thanks for the break. I needed that. 🙂

Nancy Shannon
4 months ago

This was wonderful!!! It so cheered me up! thanks for your Gift of Great Talent!!!