T’was the Night Before Christmas – Pete Polar Bear Gives Santa a Helping Hand … and a Present for You!

Pondering Pete Polar Bear

T’was the Night Before Christmas; Santa was not amused. His reindeers’ runway, once ice, was all puddles; it could no longer be used.

The North Pole was melting – it could not be a worst plight. Santa’s workshop that topped it sank fast, then clear out of sight.

Santa’s elves saw it coming, worked night and day – Christmas toys now stacked on a lonely iceberg in Santa’s old sleigh.

Santa was thankful but his problem’s quite clear. How does he take off with eight tiny reindeer?

For the reindeer need a runway to speed to the sky. Trapped on a tiny iceberg, how could they fly?

Pete Polar Bear saw it all and knew it was bad. But it’s the time for solutions, not to mope or be sad.

Pete had a strong heart, a big brain in his head. His mission was simple: launch Santa, launch Santa’s sled.

Pete was tough, a good swimmer for sure. He jumped in the bay; he knew he’d endure.

Rudolph’s smile was big, his nose a bright red, guiding Pete to the iceberg and Santa’s trapped sled.

Santa threw Pete a line, both held on tight. Pete turned to the wind and swam with all his might.

The iceberg stuttered but soon picked up speed. In the face of the breeze, Santa muttered, he had the lift he would need.

So Santa shouted and called them by name:

“Now Dasher!
Now Dancer!
Now, Prancer and Vixen!
On Comet!
On Cupid!
On Donner and Blitzen!
To the top of the ice!
To the top of the ice wall!
Now dash away!
Dash Away!
Dash away all!!!”

Pete took a deep breath, the iceberg floating by. He climbed its steep banks, his eyes to the sky.

Santa’s sleigh’s in full flight, a sight to behold. But Pete pondered, would next Christmas be ice-cold?

For if not, we all have to worry. Not only about Santa or Pete or all who are furry.

We’re in this together, Pete, you and me. We take care of each other or we sink in the sea.

Yes, some understand, yes, some really care. But Santa’s plight tells us the care’s still too rare.

So, our New Year’s mission should hit the right zone: let’s all pitch in and help so no one goes it alone.

In the meantime, as Christmas is near, be thankful for Pete, for each other, and be of good cheer!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Pondering Pete Polar Bear &
Joan and Dick Jacobs



Good morning! Pete Polar Bear here.

When Dick was up here a few years ago, taking a look at what we do and snapping pictures, I demo’d my morning workout.

Do it every day. It gets the kinks out.

Didn’t want him to leave the Arctic with the idea that only humans did that sort of thing. Yeah, morning stretches before you head to Starbucks are good for you, but stretches works for me too, and for just about every other critter on the planet.

Neck Stretch. This is where I start. After a long nap – and I mean a really long nap – there’s nothing like a good neck stretch to get the blood flowing to the brain.

Pete Polar Bear’s Neck Stretch

Pete Polar Bear’s Neck Stretch

Leg Stretch. Next I get down on the mat and give the legs a good stretch. Several seconds for each leg. Push ‘em out 15 or 20 seconds each, until there’s a little tension. Don’t hold the breath. Up here, we sometimes can see the steam coming out of the old nostrils.

Pete Polar Bear’s Leg Stretch

Pete Polar Bear’s Leg Stretch

Hip Flexer. This is one I really like. Swing the right hind leg over the left as far as I can and reach for the mat; and then the left over the right. About 20 seconds each way. Gets the hamstrings, hips and lower back loose.

Pete Polar Bear’s Hip Flexer

Pete Polar Bear’s Hip Flexer

Full-Body Stretch. While I’m down there on the mat, I give it a full-body stretch. Tug the legs, up and down. Do it a couple of times, about 20 seconds each.

Pete Polar Bear’s Full-Body  Stretch

Pete Polar Bear’s Full-Body

Sit-Ups. These get the tummy tight and stretch the lower back. Do a bunch, 20 or 30, nice and slow. There’s no need to hurry.

Pete Polar Bear’s Sit-ups

Pete Polar Bear’s Sit-ups

Wrap-Up. That’s it. Really felt good! Dick tells me that I’ve got him doing the stretches every day. Understand he plans to put these picts with his Christmas Message to give more folks an idea about how we keep in good shape. That makes me happy! As they say down there where Dick lives, “Have a great day!” And give the old body a good stretch!

Have a Great Day!

Have a Great Day!

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Hi Dick,
We hadn’t heard from you for awhile and I was getting ready to email you when this came with one other.
I love the exercises and this is a good story for children, as well as adults.
While helping a friend die, I am doing lots of neck and leg stretches.
I hope you and your wife and family are doing well. Never give up hope. We are working politically for causes and trying not to be overwhelmed by the idiot in the White House.
Best, Hannah and Al

Merry Christmas to you – and I have Pete the Polar bear hanging on my wall in my yoga room!
Thinking of you

Awesome photos, and a poem that Walt Whitman would envy!

Wow! I loved both the poem and the pictures. Thanks, Dick and Joan, and Merry Christmas!

Great post, Dick! An important message, and I enjoyed the beautiful photos. Thanks!


This is awesome – love the poem and pics.

Love it! Always great to hear from “Pete”! Thanks!

Polar Bear Yoga – so good.

I do the stretches every morning too🙂

Thank you. This made my year!

Dick, this is priceless! We can’t wait to share this with our family and friends. I guess it wouldn’t pay to send it to our president…he wouldn’t get it. Much to subtle. Happy Holidays and hope for a really good year ahead.