Sink or Swim? Kids Get It!

Last week I attended the Florida Atlantic conference in Ft. Lauderdale, 3rd Sea-Level Rise Summit: Connected Futures from Alaska to Florida. A fantastic, enlightening conference.

Miami’s 16-year-old Delaney Reynolds delivered a powerful speech Tuesday. The talk was based on her 8 minute TED talk, which I have linked below. Her TED talk is a “must see.” Click on the YouTube link to watch it full screen:

There’s nothing I can add to Delaney’s powerful challenge to us.

But I’d like to ask a few questions. Please consider the pages of Wonderlust, chapter 22, NOAA or NOAH . . . Or Both? On Becoming a Force of Nature, where I pondered:

Now, we don’t have any stories that tell us what the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Noah’s ridiculers and deniers
said to their parents and grandparents when the floods finally came. But I can imagine. Maybe it’s something like our children and
grandchildren are apt to ask us not too many years from now:

“What were you thinking?”

“Didn’t you see?”

“Didn’t you care?”

“Why did you leave us with this mess?”


Then watch Delaney’s talk one more time.

Extra Credit:

Why our brains live in denial:

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Thanks Dick for sharing. Impressive young lady! Along that same thread, interesting to see a republican, David Jolly, proclaim that climate change is real.



Thanks for sharing. That was very impactful. I shared it on my Facebook page to pass on the message to others.


Great message Dick, and what an incredible presenter of a very important subject. Thanks, Pf

Delaney is a powerful speaker. Great message! Hope people listen!


Powerful, powerful, powerful.