DICK JACOBS: A PLANETEER . . . Because Harmony Matters!

Probes into Stories With Endings Yet to be Written

The Brutus Papers

Doctor’s Advice: How to Handle Our Groceries Safely in Coronavirus Times

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21st Century Religious Ethics . . . Pondering the God of a Trillion Stars

Written in 2011: The recent turmoil in England, the riots and resulting damage, raise the challenge …

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What Teacher’s Make . . . In a Job Most Americans Won’t Take!

Taylor Mali is a teacher. His 3-minute poem, What Do Teachers Make? – linked above – begins:…

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Disappearing Florida

Disappearing Florida – Sunrise or Sunset?

There’s something special about our island, Tierra Verde, on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Living here i…

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America the Beautiful IS America the Great

America the Beautiful, the lyrics we have all grown to cherish, were not written as a song, but as a…

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