This Trip We're On


Life, this trip we are on, is a venture, to be savored and enjoyed. But a full life involves more than today’s precious moments. For just Beyond the Far Horizon is a wonderful tomorrow – also awaiting us with anticipation. But our tomorrows depend on what we do or don’t do with our todays. When we abuse the moment, exploit the offerings of our universe, we sap our tomorrows of their vitality. It is through our camera lens we explore the wonders of our world and its inhabitants. Our images may but capture today’s moments; but their true value is to open us to the infinite possibilities that await us tomorrow, just Beyond the Far Horizon if we have but eyes to see.

Where is the Far Horizon? It’s in our mind’s eye, for every place is someone’s Far Horizon. Each worthy of our understanding, exploration, care and concern. Dick Jacobs