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Mission 2015: Expand Our Islands of Knowledge

It wasn’t long after the successful launch of our book, Wonderlust, for four local charities, Pinellas Education Foundation, Morean Arts Center, WEDIU/PBS and Tampa Bay Watch that Peter Clark, Tampa Bay Watch’s CEO, invited me to participate in a critical environmental program to be presented in Tampa Bay October 2-3 2015. The topic is the […]

The Spirit of Salcantay – Communion with the Cosmos in Our Virtual World

At 15,500 feet there isn’t much oxygen in the air. About half of what there is at sea level. It’s also cold. Really cold. The temperature drops about 3 degrees for each thousand feet in elevation. But there we were – our tents pitched in what used to be called the “Japanese Base Camp,” high […]

Gone Fishin’ – Getting “Unplugged” in the Real World

The February 2011 issue of the Smithsonian includes an “Interview” with Jane McGonigal, a computer game developer from San Francisco. The theme of the interview is that computer games can make people smarter and help humanity. The games Ms. McGonigal develop take place in a virtual reality, but are designed to encourage players to action […]