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What (Each Coastal State) Needs: A Tax Policy That Works With Sea Level RIse

This blog’s video – 27 minutes – is my recent talk before the Florida Bar Tax Section. I was Florida’s Tax Section Chair in the mid-1970s. A lot has happened since then. I “retired.” I trekked the seven continents. Our climate’s warming. Our seas are rising. And, after a lot of “wet-feet, dirty-hands” trekking-learning, I […]

Sink or Swim? Kids Get It!

Last week I attended the Florida Atlantic conference in Ft. Lauderdale, 3rd Sea-Level Rise Summit: Connected Futures from Alaska to Florida. A fantastic, enlightening conference. Miami’s 16-year-old Delaney Reynolds delivered a powerful speech Tuesday. The talk was based on her 8 minute TED talk, which I have linked below. Her TED talk is a “must […]