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A Question for our “Selfies”: Is Rice Nice or Wheat the Treat?

Google “rice versus wheat culture” and you’ll get over 2 million hits. Although some of the hits get into food as food, the prime Google revelations are sourced in a 2014 study published by T. Talhelm of the University of Virginia and his colleagues in Science Magazine, “Large-Scale Psychological Differences Within China Explained by Rice […]

“HDR” – high dynamic range imaging – captures the “complete” picture, but maybe not in Lake Wobegon!

One of the great features of digital photography is its ability to overcome the narrow visual range or latitude of film. Our eyes can take in an almost infinite range of shades from black to white, but film can not. In the pre-digital days, I loved Kodachrome slide film, rich with reds and yellows. But […]

A Visit to Eden, A Thought from Thoreau – and a Lesson for the Photographer

After a visit to our April 2010 blog, “Did the Wrong CAT take Over the Swamp?” Peter, a good friend and fellow photographer, asked me, “Are you a Photographer turned Planeteer, or a Planeteer turned Photographer?” I chuckled, “I’m a Photographer turned Planeteer!” Peter responded. “Thought so!” It wasn’t long after that quick exchange that […]