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Sometimes Mother Nature Needs Our Helping Hand! Part I

June 27, 2015 Note: This is the first of a three-part series. A few weeks ago, Joanie and I had an unexpected visitor. Joanie found some twigs and tiny branches strewn on the floor of our condo’s balcony. She traced the source to a shelf where she kept a few of her pots and plants. […]

A Lesson from Snorkeling: The Intelligence of the Swarm

The waters surrounding Champion Islet, a small rocky outcrop off the coast of Floreana Island, are clear – crystal clear – and provide one of the best drift-snorkel spots in the Galapagos. And on January 2, 2014 we were there, drifting – floating with schools of colorful fish – past steep underwater volcanic walls. It […]

Let’s Take Darwin Off Autopilot

The January 18-24, 2014 issue of the New Scientist has a provocative editorial, The urge to dehumanize others is itself all too human. The editorial introduced the article, Talent for prejudice: Why humans dehumanize others [published in the hardcopy edition as “When the face doesn’t fit”]. Yes, apparently we all share a human tendency to […]

This Bee is About to be Seduced – by a Flower!

It’s wings flap so fast you can’t see them. It hovers, seemingly motionless in midair like a helicopter. It’s brain is no bigger than a pinhead, with about 100,000 times less neurons than our brains. But this bee is focused, concentrating – concentrating on which flower comes next. What the bee doesn’t realize, however, is […]

The Infield Fly Rule: Machiavellian Intelligence & Beyond!

I like a fresh banana in the morning with my breakfast. So do the Great Apes. Our kids like to be cuddled in mother’s arms. So do Great Ape and other Primate kids. When we take the time to provide our kids with early literacy training, they can learn the word-letter patterns of their “A-B-C’s” […]

Getting Our Kids Ready for the Competition: "Squaring" Reality with Pi

There are a lot of circles not only in our man-made world but also in the natural world, like the eye of the egret or the ball of the sun. When it’s important to compute the area of the circle, there’s the old Euclidean “Pi” formula, “Circle Area = Pi times the radius of the […]

Knowledge Workers and Yahweh’s Patents

In 1993, management guru Peter Drucker wrote the Post-Capitalist Society. Every few decades, Drucker wrote, society “rearranges itself.” The transformation-in-progress Drucker identified, the creation of a “post-capitalist society,” was the subject of his book. He wasn’t prepared to make a final prediction about what the post-capitalist society would be like, but: The basic economic resource […]

Getting the Kids Ready for the Competition: STEM Education – When the Predator Becomes the Prey

Contagion isn’t on the Oscar list, but it’s a great movie. Bill Moyers discussed the movie in his February, 26, 2012 broadcast, Are Immunization Exemptions Fair to Us All?. The program explores the distrust many parents have for science, resulting in the expanding religious exemptions granted by states to parents who don’t want their children […]

Where All the Vultures Aren’t Pretty!

I don’t listen to a lot of radio, but there is one program I really like, Garrison Keeler’s “A Prairie Home Companion,” with its gentle, tongue in cheek, spoof about “Lake Wobegon Days” — life in fictional Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, examined by a twinkling eye through glasses rimmed with good old-fashioned, mid-west values. Lake Wobegon […]

Power of Play

Once upon a time … There were no video games, no iPads, no iPods, no cable or satellite TV, no texting, no Facebook, no iPhones … When children were at play, it was ‘play.’ Absorbing play. Enthusiastic play. Sometimes with others, sometimes alone with a lot of ‘let’s pretend.’ Sometimes inside, but most of the […]

Abrupt Change. The Legend of the Dreamcatcher. It’s a Bug’s Life!

On September 8, 2010, I was a guest on the web station, BBS 1 Radio, Conversations with Mary Keene. The conversation was about living through crisis, based on my 1991 book, Crash Landing – Surviving a Business Crisis. The conversation was recorded for your listening. The book is about lessons learned during the early 1980s, […]