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Our Pale Blue Dot – Up Close

Yosemite at moonrise. I took this photo five years ago, when my good friend Greg and I were in Yosemite for a winter photoshoot. John Muir, perhaps the most famous of our environmentalists, and Theodore Roosevelt, then President, stood on cliffs near here in 1903. Smithsonian gave me a photo of those two as a […]

Why the Puffins Keep “Puffin'” and Other Lessons from Gjesvaerstappan

In mid-June 2013, we traveled to a fishing village, Gjesvaer, high up on the northwest coast of Norway, far above the Arctic Circle. There we boarded a small boat to take us Gjesvaerstappan, a series of small islands, breeding colonies for thousands of birds, located about 15 km from the Nord Kapp (North Cape) on […]

92,500 Down, 7,500 to Go – But Who's Counting?

The Cheetah is the oldest of the big cats, going back some 3 million years. 20,000 years ago Cheetahs were common throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, including North America as well as Asia, Europe and Africa. Sumerian princes and noblemen kept Cheetahs as pets and used them to hunt, much as hunting dogs are […]