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A Touch of Genius: A Gift From the Heavens

A few years ago, PBS released an exceptional seven-hour NOVA series, Genius, an exploration of the lives and works of Newton, Galileo, Darwin and Einstein, whose insightful minds have carried humankind on unbelievable journeys, here on earth and in the starry heavens. Galileo‘s Battle for the Heavens: We touched on the works of Galileo in […]

Getting the Kids Ready for the Competition: STEM Education – When the Predator Becomes the Prey

Contagion isn’t on the Oscar list, but it’s a great movie. Bill Moyers discussed the movie in his February, 26, 2012 broadcast, Are Immunization Exemptions Fair to Us All?. The program explores the distrust many parents have for science, resulting in the expanding religious exemptions granted by states to parents who don’t want their children […]