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What (Each Coastal State) Needs: A Tax Policy That Works With Sea Level RIse

This blog’s video – 27 minutes – is my recent talk before the Florida Bar Tax Section. I was Florida’s Tax Section Chair in the mid-1970s. A lot has happened since then. I “retired.” I trekked the seven continents. Our climate’s warming. Our seas are rising. And, after a lot of “wet-feet, dirty-hands” trekking-learning, I […]

Did the Marchers for Science Hijack Earth Day 2017?

Earth Day, April 22, 2017 Earth Day’s a day for making a statement, and around the globe – on six continents – there was a March for Science. In Antarctica’s research centers 1,000 scientists call home, nobody marched, but there were cheers. Scientists and common folks joining the march stood up against today’s politicized attack […]

Where the Grickle-Grass Grows

At the far end of town where the Grickle-grass grows …. From The Lorax by Dr. Seuss ________________________________________ Those who know and know that they know – they are the wise – follow them. Those who know but don’t know that they know – they are misguided – enlighten them. Those who don’t know and […]

How Green is My Arctic?

A provocative visual story needs very few comments by way of introduction. This is one of them. Scientists call it “range-shift migration.” It’s happening all over the world in many different ways. When mackerel moved from Scottish waters to Iceland, and Iceland wouldn’t let the Scottish fisherman follow it almost led to war, and remains […]

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s Final Advice for Our Politicians

On Sunday, April 3, 2016, I was privileged to give a talk at a special tribute to Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who died February 4, 2016, one day before the 45th anniversary of his Apollo 14 Moon Walk. The tribute was held in St. Petersburg by the local community of members of the Institute of Noetic […]


A video that stands on its own without comments: Related Posts: March 9, 2016 – A Wet Day in Oregon I’m Not Apt to Forget 21 Gutsy Kids Who Make Me Proud

Meet 21 Gutsy Kids Who Make Me Proud – and a little humble and embarrassed!

I’d like you to meet 21 gutsy kids. I’ll give you a link to their webpage and identities in a few minutes. But first some background. We close the final chapter of Wonderlust with: “Philosopher and humanitarian Albert Schweitzer wrote the first two volumes of his Philosophy of Civilization in 1923. Upon his death in […]

NOAA or NOAH … or Both?

Circa April 4,014 BC: It’s a bright sunny day in the Middle East – a balmy day for taking your family for a sail on the Red Sea, or the Nile, in your felucca. We’ll come back to this story in a bit, about what was going on deeper in the desert, several kilometers beyond […]

Why the Puffins Keep “Puffin'” and Other Lessons from Gjesvaerstappan

In mid-June 2013, we traveled to a fishing village, Gjesvaer, high up on the northwest coast of Norway, far above the Arctic Circle. There we boarded a small boat to take us Gjesvaerstappan, a series of small islands, breeding colonies for thousands of birds, located about 15 km from the Nord Kapp (North Cape) on […]

Sammy Seal Talks with Pete Polar Bear about the 1% that Really Counts!

Hi, Sammy Seal here! A while back, I had the pleasure of making a few comments on this blog about what’s going on where I live, down on the Antarctic Peninsula. You can check me out, Sammy the Leopard Seal’s Report from Antarctica. You may recall I talked about some conversations I overheard regarding global […]

Moore’s Paradox and the Wild Montana Skies

Red Lodge, Montana, October 15, 2012 In mid-October 2012, our good friends, Kathy and Greg, provided us with the keys to their mountain home in Red Lodge Montana, about 60 miles Northeast of Yellowstone – a needed fall respite on the edge of the Beartooth Mountains. This morning, the sun rose at 0738. A snow […]

Where the Grickle Grasses Grow and Those Who Live There Don’t Know and Don’t Know They Don’t Know

At the far end of town where the Grickle-grass grows and the wind smells slow-and-sour when it blows and no birds ever sing excepting old crows … is the street of the Lifted Lorax. From The Lorax by Dr. Seuss Those who have been following our blogs may recall that last month we had the […]

The Unyielding Debt Crisis Downgrade

For the first time in the history of America, America’s debt rating has been downgraded. Wall Street’s past three sessions tanked over 1,200 points, the biggest nosedive since November 2008. Billions, if not trillions, of dollars in 401k plans and investment accounts have disappeared, maybe forever. Voter polls say that 83% of Americans have had […]

When Mother Nature Decides to Defrost Her Ice Box …

It’s not very often one turns 80. So we decided when it was my turn we’d have a family celebration – a dozen strong – in Calgary and the Canadian Rockies, including Athabasca Glacier. Joanie and I hadn’t been to the Canadian Rockies since 1983, when, in our “younger days,” we weren’t beyond trekking on […]

It’s Only When the Tide Goes Out That We Learn … Who‘s Been Swimming Naked [Warren Buffett]

There’s a pristine, protected bay between our island, Tierra Verde, and the Gulf Beaches. The bay is a favorite place for boaters to throw down an anchor and retreat to a Gulf Beach resort. But a few of the bay’s visitors ignore a fundamental of boating literacy – respect for changing tides. In the past […]

Is the Navy Getting it Right this Time?

I was ten years old, walking down Fifth Street on my way home, in Superior, Wisconsin on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese Navy launched its surprise attack on the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. A friend shouted the news to me from his porch. The attack, by 353 Japanese planes launched from […]

Abrupt Change. The Legend of the Dreamcatcher. It’s a Bug’s Life!

On September 8, 2010, I was a guest on the web station, BBS 1 Radio, Conversations with Mary Keene. The conversation was about living through crisis, based on my 1991 book, Crash Landing – Surviving a Business Crisis. The conversation was recorded for your listening. The book is about lessons learned during the early 1980s, […]