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Belief-Checker: Do We Need Supreme Court Judges Who Champion “Original Meaning”?

The other day a good friend gave me a call. He’d decided to vote for a particular candidate this November, not because he thought the candidate would be a stellar leader but because the candidate would be instrumental in the appointment of a Supreme Court justice who’d champion “original meaning” when it came to interpreting […]

Sometimes Mother Nature Needs Our Helping Hand! Part II

June 27, 2015 We continue Sometimes Mother Nature Needs Our Helping Hand! Part I, where we ended with a discussion of the spread of human characteristics shaped by genetic variations over a bell-shaped curve of possibilities, writing: “We included a pretty hefty discuss of these issues in Wonderlust in the chapter titled A Touch of […]

Mission 2015: Expand Our Islands of Knowledge

It wasn’t long after the successful launch of our book, Wonderlust, for four local charities, Pinellas Education Foundation, Morean Arts Center, WEDIU/PBS and Tampa Bay Watch that Peter Clark, Tampa Bay Watch’s CEO, invited me to participate in a critical environmental program to be presented in Tampa Bay October 2-3 2015. The topic is the […]

Getting a “Locke” on the 4th of July

It is sweltering hot in Philadelphia in late June 1776. That’s why he rented a second-floor apartment with five windows, giving him cross ventilation. He wanted the breeze to keep him cool; he had a lot of writing to do. There was no air conditioning. He wrote at night, after long hours spent with the […]

Getting Our Kids Ready for the Competition: "Squaring" Reality with Pi

There are a lot of circles not only in our man-made world but also in the natural world, like the eye of the egret or the ball of the sun. When it’s important to compute the area of the circle, there’s the old Euclidean “Pi” formula, “Circle Area = Pi times the radius of the […]