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Getting the Kids Ready for the Competition – Happiness, Choice, Success, and Aristotle’s “Paralogism”!

“Faulty Logic.” That’s how Webster defines paralogism. I first ran across “paralogism” in the writings of Aristotle – the father of logic and the syllogism. At its heart, the syllogism is a mode of analytical thinking that combines a major and minor premises to draw a “logical” conclusion. Aristotle referred to “paralogism” in his Poetics […]

A Touch of Genius: A Gift From the Heavens

A few years ago, PBS released an exceptional seven-hour NOVA series, Genius, an exploration of the lives and works of Newton, Galileo, Darwin and Einstein, whose insightful minds have carried humankind on unbelievable journeys, here on earth and in the starry heavens. Galileo‘s Battle for the Heavens: We touched on the works of Galileo in […]

Abrupt Change. The Legend of the Dreamcatcher. It’s a Bug’s Life!

On September 8, 2010, I was a guest on the web station, BBS 1 Radio, Conversations with Mary Keene. The conversation was about living through crisis, based on my 1991 book, Crash Landing – Surviving a Business Crisis. The conversation was recorded for your listening. The book is about lessons learned during the early 1980s, […]