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Sammy Seal Talks with Pete Polar Bear about the 1% that Really Counts!

Hi, Sammy Seal here! A while back, I had the pleasure of making a few comments on this blog about what’s going on where I live, down on the Antarctic Peninsula. You can check me out, Sammy the Leopard Seal’s Report from Antarctica. You may recall I talked about some conversations I overheard regarding global […]

The Bumblebee’s Best Kept Secret!

Worker Bumblebees certainly don’t have gorilla- (or human-) sized brains. But they make some very sophisticated decisions. A worker bee’s responsibility for its colony is to collect nectar. To fulfill that responsibility, the worker bee is equipped with an astute visual system that distinguishes colors of flowers. The bee also has a motor apparatus that […]

We Walk on Hallowed Ground – Thoughts for 2012 from the Antarctic

December 3, 2011. Rick Atkinson cut back the throttle on our Zodiac and we glided to our landing on Half Moon Island in the Southern Shetland Islands a few miles north of the Antarctic Peninsula. I swung my legs over the side of the Zodiac and splashed the last few steps in shallow water before […]

Sammy the Leopard Seal’s Report from Antarctica

Hi, my name is Sammy. I’m a Leopard Seal. Home’s in the Gerlache Strait off the Antarctic Peninsula. I don’t normally put much faith in “talk with the animals” stuff. I understand a few years ago, a fellow named Dr. Doolittle sang a neat little “talk to the animals” ditty. But that aside, recently some […]