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A Lesson From Elephants About Family Disintegration

WARNING: This material is apt to be provocative, and for some, offensive. THE FIRST TIME I SAW ELEPHANTS IN THE WILD – in their habitat – was in 1982, in Africa, on the Serengeti. We had approached a “herd” of nervous elephants who quickly formed a circle while their “leader” trumpeted us a clear message: […]

92,500 Down, 7,500 to Go – But Who's Counting?

The Cheetah is the oldest of the big cats, going back some 3 million years. 20,000 years ago Cheetahs were common throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, including North America as well as Asia, Europe and Africa. Sumerian princes and noblemen kept Cheetahs as pets and used them to hunt, much as hunting dogs are […]

So, How Do We Share Our Earth’s Precious Resources?

There’s an interesting quiz on the Global Footprint webpage. You answer a few questions and it calculates how you use the earth’s resources. My score indicates that if each person on earth used resources as I do, we would need 4.3 earths to support our global population. That’s scary, but pretty good, actually. Americans on […]