The Spirit of Salcantay – Communion with the Cosmos in Our Virtual World

At 15,500 feet there isn’t much oxygen in the air. About half of what there is at sea level. It’s also cold. Really cold. The temperature drops about 3 degrees for each thousand feet in elevation. But there we were – our tents pitched in what used to be called the “Japanese Base Camp,” high […]

T’was the Night Before Christmas – 2012 …

T’was the Night Before Christmas; Pete Polar Bear was not amused. The ice sheet shared with Santa could no longer be used. The North Pole melted – it could not be a worst plight. Santa’s workshop that topped it sank clear out of sight. Santa’s elves saw it coming, worked night and day – Christmas […]

Sammy Seal Talks with Pete Polar Bear about the 1% that Really Counts!

Hi, Sammy Seal here! A while back, I had the pleasure of making a few comments on this blog about what’s going on where I live, down on the Antarctic Peninsula. You can check me out, Sammy the Leopard Seal’s Report from Antarctica. You may recall I talked about some conversations I overheard regarding global […]

Moore’s Paradox and the Wild Montana Skies

Red Lodge, Montana, October 15, 2012 In mid-October 2012, our good friends, Kathy and Greg, provided us with the keys to their mountain home in Red Lodge Montana, about 60 miles Northeast of Yellowstone – a needed fall respite on the edge of the Beartooth Mountains. This morning, the sun rose at 0738. A snow […]

The Infield Fly Rule: Machiavellian Intelligence & Beyond!

I like a fresh banana in the morning with my breakfast. So do the Great Apes. Our kids like to be cuddled in mother’s arms. So do Great Ape and other Primate kids. When we take the time to provide our kids with early literacy training, they can learn the word-letter patterns of their “A-B-C’s” […]

The Bumblebee’s Best Kept Secret!

Worker Bumblebees certainly don’t have gorilla- (or human-) sized brains. But they make some very sophisticated decisions. A worker bee’s responsibility for its colony is to collect nectar. To fulfill that responsibility, the worker bee is equipped with an astute visual system that distinguishes colors of flowers. The bee also has a motor apparatus that […]

Getting a “Locke” on the Fourth of July

It is sweltering hot in Philadelphia in late June 1776. That’s why he rented a second-floor apartment with five windows, giving him cross ventilation. He wanted the breeze to keep him cool; he had a lot of writing to do. There was no air conditioning. He wrote at night, after long hours spent with the […]

Knowledge Workers and Yahweh’s Patents

In 1993, management guru Peter Drucker wrote the Post-Capitalist Society. Every few decades, Drucker wrote, society “rearranges itself.” The transformation-in-progress Drucker identified, the creation of a “post-capitalist society,” was the subject of his book. He wasn’t prepared to make a final prediction about what the post-capitalist society would be like, but: The basic economic resource […]

A Touch of Genius: A Gift From the Heavens

A few years ago, PBS released an exceptional seven-hour NOVA series, Genius, an exploration of the lives and works of Newton, Galileo, Darwin and Einstein, whose insightful minds have carried humankind on unbelievable journeys, here on earth and in the starry heavens. Galileo‘s Battle for the Heavens: We touched on the works of Galileo in […]

Where the Grickle Grasses Grow and Those Who Live There Don’t Know and Don’t Know They Don’t Know

At the far end of town where the Grickle-grass grows and the wind smells slow-and-sour when it blows and no birds ever sing excepting old crows … is the street of the Lifted Lorax. From The Lorax by Dr. Seuss Those who have been following our blogs may recall that last month we had the […]

Galileo’s Moon

There’s a mystical land somewhere in the waters of the Mediterranean where the soothing music of the lyre is buoyed by a gentle breeze and life goes on forever. You may recall the stories from ancient Greece about mortals visiting its eerie caverns, consulting with the Gods and philosophers of ages past. According to Homer, […]

Getting the Kids Ready for the Competition: STEM Education – When the Predator Becomes the Prey

Contagion isn’t on the Oscar list, but it’s a great movie. Bill Moyers discussed the movie in his February, 26, 2012 broadcast, Are Immunization Exemptions Fair to Us All?. The program explores the distrust many parents have for science, resulting in the expanding religious exemptions granted by states to parents who don’t want their children […]

So — Will We be “On the Charts” or “Off the Charts?”

Back in 1983 I took what I thought would be a 6-months leave of absence from my law firm to “save” a troubled bank, Park Bank of Florida. But both the 6-month time period I allotted for the task and the idea of Salvation were but dreams of unreality. The bank failed in 1986 and […]

We Walk on Hallowed Ground – Thoughts for 2012 from the Antarctic

December 3, 2011. Rick Atkinson cut back the throttle on our Zodiac and we glided to our landing on Half Moon Island in the Southern Shetland Islands a few miles north of the Antarctic Peninsula. I swung my legs over the side of the Zodiac and splashed the last few steps in shallow water before […]

Sammy the Leopard Seal’s Report from Antarctica

Hi, my name is Sammy. I’m a Leopard Seal. Home’s in the Gerlache Strait off the Antarctic Peninsula. I don’t normally put much faith in “talk with the animals” stuff. I understand a few years ago, a fellow named Dr. Doolittle sang a neat little “talk to the animals” ditty. But that aside, recently some […]

What happens when the “fresh waters” aren’t so fresh any more?

There’s a problem on North Carolina’s coastlines. Despite denials of climate change and warming and allegations of “hoax” from several Congressmen and Presidential Candidates, the seas, largely stable for the past 5,000 years, are rising and Carolina’s coastline is in retreat. Three islands are now submerged. The rising seas, exacerbated by melting glaciers, are flooding […]

The Happy Plight of the Obese Marmot and Other Tales

In our recent blog discussions, we’ve pointed out that wildlife, challenged by global warming, is moving to more northern latitudes, and when they can, further up the slopes of mountains. The species range-shift, as it is called by scientists, is occurring far more rapidly than originally projected. With the warming changes, migrations also hear a […]

The Milky Way: Detail 2011 – And a Question: Is Ecology Theology?

Recently, I read again a book that fascinated me in the 1960s, Henry Wilder Foote’s Religion of an Inquiring Mind. Afterwards, I went on line to check out the status of this wonderful work and came across the blog site “The Inquiring Mind.” A January 2010 post was titled “the religion that is Global Warming.” […]

The Unyielding Debt Crisis Downgrade

For the first time in the history of America, America’s debt rating has been downgraded. Wall Street’s past three sessions tanked over 1,200 points, the biggest nosedive since November 2008. Billions, if not trillions, of dollars in 401k plans and investment accounts have disappeared, maybe forever. Voter polls say that 83% of Americans have had […]

When Mother Nature Decides to Defrost Her Ice Box …

It’s not very often one turns 80. So we decided when it was my turn we’d have a family celebration – a dozen strong – in Calgary and the Canadian Rockies, including Athabasca Glacier. Joanie and I hadn’t been to the Canadian Rockies since 1983, when, in our “younger days,” we weren’t beyond trekking on […]

Getting a “Locke” on the 4th of July

It is sweltering hot in Philadelphia in late June 1776. That’s why he rented a second-floor apartment with five windows, giving him cross ventilation. He wanted the breeze to keep him cool; he had a lot of writing to do. There was no air conditioning. He wrote at night, after long hours spent with the […]

It’s Only When the Tide Goes Out That We Learn … Who‘s Been Swimming Naked [Warren Buffett]

There’s a pristine, protected bay between our island, Tierra Verde, and the Gulf Beaches. The bay is a favorite place for boaters to throw down an anchor and retreat to a Gulf Beach resort. But a few of the bay’s visitors ignore a fundamental of boating literacy – respect for changing tides. In the past […]

Today, Luna Died

April 18, 2011. Today Luna, an Eaglet and resident of Tierra Verde, Florida, died. Luna was but three months old. The St. Petersburg Times reported that “Passing motorists told the deputies that they saw the bird flying east to west, apparently toward its nest. The eaglet landed on a wooden pole, apparently unsteady, and then […]

Did the Wrong Cat Take Over the Swamp?

This is a tale about two big cats. Big cats are “territorial,” like nearly all other of our Creator’s creatures. Robert Ardrey, in his 1966 classic, The Territorial Imperative, defines “territory” as an area of space, which an animal or group of animals defends as an exclusive preserve. Most species defend territory only against animals […]