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Meet 21 Gutsy Kids Who Make Me Proud – and a little humble and embarrassed!

I’d like you to meet 21 gutsy kids. I’ll give you a link to their webpage and identities in a few minutes. But first some background. We close the final chapter of Wonderlust with: “Philosopher and humanitarian Albert Schweitzer wrote the first two volumes of his Philosophy of Civilization in 1923. Upon his death in […]

Artifacts – What Does Their Destruction Mean to Us?

The recent destruction of ancient artifacts in the Middle East by ISIS has painfully reminded us of an all too frequent repeating story of our globe’s plundering conquerors. ISIS is but a current version of a long history of plunderers. Destruction of archeological sites, ancient works of art and other creations of the conquered validate […]

The Grandparent’s Hypothesis: The Story We Live is What We Leave Behind

Perhaps our title, The Grandparent’s Hypothesis, is an unexpected title for a Fourth of July Holiday Blog. But, then, the Declaration of Independence we have been celebrating is almost 240 years old. So, our Declaration and we grandparents have something in common: We are getting old. Then, using a photo of a whale – in […]

Sometimes Mother Nature Needs Our Helping Hand! Part III

July 1, 2015 This blog is a continuation of our Brutus Papers discussions: Sometimes Mother Nature Needs Our Helping Hand! Link to Part I. Link to Part II. We ended Part II with a review of the New Jersey Court case that alleged that marketing conversion therapy – therapy intended to assist gays in becoming […]

Sometimes Mother Nature Needs Our Helping Hand! Part II

June 27, 2015 We continue Sometimes Mother Nature Needs Our Helping Hand! Part I, where we ended with a discussion of the spread of human characteristics shaped by genetic variations over a bell-shaped curve of possibilities, writing: “We included a pretty hefty discuss of these issues in Wonderlust in the chapter titled A Touch of […]

Sometimes Mother Nature Needs Our Helping Hand! Part I

June 27, 2015 Note: This is the first of a three-part series. A few weeks ago, Joanie and I had an unexpected visitor. Joanie found some twigs and tiny branches strewn on the floor of our condo’s balcony. She traced the source to a shelf where she kept a few of her pots and plants. […]

Mission 2015: Expand Our Islands of Knowledge

It wasn’t long after the successful launch of our book, Wonderlust, for four local charities, Pinellas Education Foundation, Morean Arts Center, WEDIU/PBS and Tampa Bay Watch that Peter Clark, Tampa Bay Watch’s CEO, invited me to participate in a critical environmental program to be presented in Tampa Bay October 2-3 2015. The topic is the […]

Getting a “Locke” on the 4th of July

It is sweltering hot in Philadelphia in late June 1776. That’s why he rented a second-floor apartment with five windows, giving him cross ventilation. He wanted the breeze to keep him cool; he had a lot of writing to do. There was no air conditioning. He wrote at night, after long hours spent with the […]

Honoring Our Longest Day

JUNE 6, 1944. D-DAY. SEVENTY YEARS AGO. Under the deadly fire of bombs and guns, the Allied Armies retook to the beaches of Normandy. Our Longest Day, historians labeled that day of heroic sacrifice. I haven’t seen much about D-Day in the news in recent years. I looked for it, but it hasn’t been there […]

May 7, 1945 – May 7, 2014: Patriotism – its Decline and Fall – Is There Opportunity for Rebirth?

World War II ended in Europe on May 7, 1945 when German emissaries met with General Dwight Eisenhower at his schoolhouse headquarters in Reims, France. The New York Times headlines announced to an anxious world that on this day, Germany surrendered unconditionally. Thus, the ‘first leg” of the war to end all wars was completed. […]

Once Upon a Time I was a Cowboy

Once Upon a Time, a long time ago … I was a Cowboy – complete with ten-gallon hat, chaps, vest, and, yes, gun. A pearl-handled six-shooter, just like the Lone Ranger’s – sorry, no silver bullets, but caps that smoked when I pulled the trigger. Look at me! Who could face down the stern look […]