About Dick Jacobs


A lawyer by training – a photo explorer by passion.

Dick Jacobs

This site, using my photography and my writings to take our thoughts Beyond the Far Horizon, has evolved from from my treks and journeys, camera in hand, and my study of the challenges each of us must carefully consider as we define our mission as humans and in particular our relationship to nature and our environment.

My goal? For each of us to become a “Planeteer” – a difference maker using our ecophilia – our love of nature – with a passion for the benefit of us all.

I’m a Nikon shooter and Apple computer user. I’ve been fortunate to have trekked many of the primitive sites on our globe‘s seven continents, from the Africa to the Antarctica, from the Rockies to the Himalayas.

In 2015 Wonderlust, a 9x 12 coffee table book with over 100 images and 26 stories based on my Wondering While Wandering became a reality.

Many of the stories have their beginnings on these blog pages. Wanderlust is available for purchase directly from the publisher, Glenbridge Publishing, Ltd. Click on the photo below.

Wonderlust Cover