Pete Polar Bear’s Morning Workout

May 7, 2013

Good morning! Pete Polar Bear here.

I’m subbing for Dick today. It’s his 82nd birthday. So, he’s got the day off. I told him not to worry, we had some pretty good stuff to pass on to you. Healthy stuff, too!

When Dick was up here last fall taking a look at what we do and snapping pictures, I let him in on a secret.

I demo’d my morning workout.

Do it every day. It gets the kinks out.

Didn’t want him to leave Churchill with the idea that only humans did that sort of thing. Yeah, morning stretches before you head to Starbucks are good for you, but stretches works for me too, and for just about every other critter on the planet.

Neck Stretch. This is where I start. After a long nap – and I mean a really long nap – there’s nothing like a good neck stretch to get the blood flowing to the brain.

Pete Polar Bear’s Neck Stretch

Pete Polar Bear’s Neck Stretch

Leg Stretch. Next I get down on the mat and give the legs a good stretch. Several seconds for each leg. Push ‘em out 15 or 20 seconds each, until there’s a little tension. Don’t hold the breath. Up here, we sometimes can see the steam coming out of the old nostrils.

Pete Polar Bear’s Leg Stretch

Pete Polar Bear’s Leg Stretch

Hip Flexer. This is one I really like. Swing the right hind leg over the left as far as I can and reach for the mat; and then the left over the right. About 20 seconds each way. Gets the hamstrings, hips and lower back loose.

Pete Polar Bear’s Hip Flexer

Pete Polar Bear’s Hip Flexer

Full-Body Stretch. While I’m down there on the mat, I give it a full-body stretch. Tug the legs, up and down. Do it a couple of times, about 20 seconds each.

Pete Polar Bear’s Full-Body  Stretch

Pete Polar Bear’s Full-Body

Sit-Ups. These get the tummy tight and stretch the lower back. Do a bunch, 20 or 30, nice and slow. There’s no need to hurry.

Pete Polar Bear’s Sit-ups

Pete Polar Bear’s Sit-ups

Wrap-Up. That’s it. Really felt good! Dick tells me that I’ve got him doing the stretches every day. Understand he plans to put these picts on Facebook to give more folks an idea about how we keep in good shape. That makes me happy! As they say down there where Dick lives, “Have a great day!” And give the old body a good stretch!

Have a Great Day!

Have a Great Day!


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I do not believe that you are 82! Are you?
Happy birthday belatedly, Hannah and Arthur

So clever of Pete to sub for you… he and his pals are so much fun to watch…. One of my best trips. Happy birthday to you.


That is adorable!!!! I love Pete!

Happy Belated Birthday Dick
Love Pete’s exercise program
So sorry we will miss you in Norway,I know your pictures are wonderful

Happy Birthday Dick!


This is great…going to forward to some of my workout buddies!

Every blog update makes a bright spot in my day!

Kathy Rotert
Patagonia Trip, 2010

I should try that exercise program!! Murray

Love that. Will never forget that ones performance.

Hi Dick,

Happy Birthday, and many, many more!

The piece is absolutely delightful!

May I use this with your permission. I’ll send along a few sentences I’d like to attach about you.
We need to know where you took these. Are you there now? Anything else you might like to share.

Best regards,

Happy Birthday, Dick! I really enjoyed this–you are too clever. I just had my birthday last week, so I guess we are both Taurus. Doesn’t surprise me, by the way! I guess we are getting older, but I like to think better.

Well, thanks again, for the email. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Happy Happy Birthday ~ ! S

Who knew polar bears did a compination of Pilates and yoga! (I prefer these, because I don’t have to do them in the snow:-).

Happy Birthday, Dick and our wishes for many more. Lois and Ralph

Happy Birthday Dick !
No one would guess 82 !!!
I marvel at all you’ve seen , all you’ve accomplished , all that you are. You’re an inspiration and I find myself saying ” I want to be like Dick 🙂 ”

Have a wonderful day and Pete’s got a great routine .


Great job, Pete…

Cute! And Happy Birthday.