So, How Do We Share Our Earth’s Precious Resources?

Namib Huts

Namib Huts

There’s an interesting quiz on the Global Footprint webpage. You answer a few questions and it calculates how you use the earth’s resources. My score indicates that if each person on earth used resources as I do, we would need 4.3 earths to support our global population. That’s scary, but pretty good, actually. Americans on the average use enough resources to occupy 5 earths. It doesn’t take much time on the Footprint webpage to zero in on the problem. We have our earth with a lot of resources, but they aren’t infinite. Our ecosystems can’t kept up with global population. Based on today’s consumption patterns, it now takes 1.4 earths to support mankind, according to the Footprint Network News. And the use of those resources is very diverse. The Hinbu tribes of the Namib, who live in sparse, dung-covered huts like the ones pictured, use hardly any resources at all.

Namib Huts.338

But those of us in the U.S. use 23% of the total global resources. Right behind us is China, using 21%. So, that leaves 56% for the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is now restlessly clamoring for a larger share. So, how do we allocate the earth’s resources? By war? By treaty? By self-restraint?

Professor James G. Speth, Yale University, writes in The Bridge to the Edge of the World, “We have not inherited the earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children.” Professor Speth points out that environmentalists have been too cautious – they haven’t articulated the true magnitude of our environmental crisis and have proceeded as though proposals based on “sound science” are enough to overcome ideological and industrial opposition. His book warns that “environmentalists are in a culture war.” How we handle the culture war about the rare wonders and limited resources of our earth, borrowed from our children and their future generations, will be the challenge of the 21st Century. The World Resources Institute has in interesting poster on its website, “The Earth Doesn’t Do Bailouts.”

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